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Photo Gallery for Turner Falls, Oklahoma

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Bend in the road after Turner Falls Park Scenic Lookout

Scenic overlook telescopes on Hwy. 77 overlooking the falls a couple curves in the road before entering the park.

Mutts pissed because they couldn't get out of the car: "Are we there yet?"

Overlooking Turner Falls from Hwy. 77

Spring-Fed swimming hole at the entrance of the park.

Swimming hole at the entrance of the park with trails leading off into the wilderness in the background.

Management Office in the background with entrance kiosk on the left. Footbridge leads to the front swimming hole.

Trails leading into the wilderness trial can be seen in the background where the front spring-fed pools are.


Vendor's food cabins.

Trading Post open for supplies.


Teepees for rent in background entering lodging area in the lower park. This is the point in the road that Honey Creek crosses.

River crossing the road as you enter the lower park with cabin rentals and teepees.

One of two very clean bathhouses with heating and coke machines.


An area in front of The Castle where the trail leads down to from the campsite.

A five-plus story ruin of The Castle. This is a really, really cool place to investigate. It still contains some old furniture despite all the doors being gone. This is the Anglo cliff dwelling of the 1930's.

Back stairs into The Castle.

Midget stairs and doorways that Buffy was too short to climb. They were kind of dark and scaaaarey too!!! At least from a Buff's perspective. :)

Another scaaaarey site! Buff terrified of my friend Mike's Woody Harrelson imitation.

Pugs Hootie and Wiggles waiting in the getaway car near the chained entrance to The Castle.

Cave under the waterfall.

Red Sign on the side of the caves warning idiots not to try to slide down this waterfall on the right.

Cave above right of the waterfall.

More pics of the pool at the bottom of the falls.

Turner Falls as Honey Creek pours over the cliffs.

Checkin' it out before galloping like race horses across the bridge to the other side.


Queens of the mountain!

Primitive campsite overlooking the falls to the right.

Overlooking the falls from the previous photo of the campsite.

Trailhead leading from the above campsite area down to Honey Creek where there are more picnic tables.


Bridal Veil Falls and Honey Creek viewed from a different vantage point in the upper Arbuckle Mountain wilderness area. This spot is immediately before the 77-foot waterfall.

Sign pointing the way to Caves and a good area on the creek for letting the dogs off lead to play.


Screened shelters at the top of the mountain in the wilderness area.  These are fairly new. Note the convenient, clean, portapotty!

Pugs for rent during the off-season from this horse rental shanty! LOL!

Another trailhead leading down to Honey Creek near the waterfall.