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Trail Dogs' Hike & Swim

It's a Doggie Thing! ... Since Spring 2002 


About Trail Dogs' Hike & Swim

Getting the Heck out of Dodge without Leaving the City!


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WHO WE ARE: Trail Dog's Hike & Swim is a weekly doggie activity enjoyed by outdoorsy people and their pups in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  The group was formed a year and a half ago by a group of friends from the Mockingbird Point Dog Park off of White Rock Lake. In the beginning we  needed a place to take our dogs when the weather was scorching since the dog park did not have lake access at that time. After scouting out several locations we all decided that Spring Creek was the ideal spot with clear, clean spring water for our dogs to play in. This website was born out of the need for communicating our weekly meeting place to everyone. We don't have officers because there are plenty of volunteers to coordinate events.

Today, the time and location is both emailed and also placed on the announcement page of this web site. To avoid confusion, we call our meetings  Hike & Play in the winter and Hike & Swim in the summer. Dog and nature lovers are welcome to join the email list for weekly notification of local trail meeting places. Don't forget to check out our brand new Dog Blogs - the ramblings of our members about their doggie road trips!

When someone mentions spring-fed rivers, crystal clear water and limestone bluffs, one normally thinks of the Texas Hillcountry near the city of Austin, not to mention the five-hour road trip required to get there. Little do most D-FW citizens know about  our little oasis right in the heart of Richardson and Garland, Texas and we hope to keep it that way - just a secret known to us dog lovers who truly appreciate the beauty and serenity of nature. This extended corridor of spring-fed creeks runs for many miles and is second only to those found in the Hillcountry.  Because we are confident that the priorities of our suburbia will not change anywhere in the near future, we are certain that our hidden springs will remain a secret only to those of us who value nature over more materialistic and human-oriented social activities. Only a very small minority of the citizens in our city actually make the time to engage in hiking and exercising their dogs on a daily or weekly basis. While the citizens of our glitzy metropolis focus on fashion, the arts,  pee wee soccer and their slavery to corporate America, the rest of us will be sitting on the Austin Chalk, dipping our toes in the bubbling springs while our dogs chase Frisbees and drag logs through the water in a game of tug-o-war. When the day is done, we will hike back through the woods on the earthen trail to find our way back to civilization until the next day is here.

As an added measure to protect the secrecy of these environmental treasures, not just everyone will be able to access these pages. Only if you are a local member of the Hike & Swim group, will you be given the key to access the comprehensive list of maps and directions found within.  All you need to do to gain access is to attend a Hike & Swim activity where you will be given the username and password for all of these pages. If you don't have a dog, borrow your neighbors! The dog will appreciate you for it! We hope this measure of protection will keep our pristine creeks and streams from being over run with people who do not respect the fragile nature of this environment.  Please remember, we carry out what we carry in...


  TRAILS: A comprehensive list of trails and parks along our spring-fed creeks.

    MAPS: Detailed maps showing meeting place for the week, trail details, put-in points and much more!

  EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION: An opportunity to subscribe for our personalized weekly notification including not only our meeting time and location but also other important dog events occurring in our city.

  HEALTH TOPICS: A compilation of information on how to keep the vet away and your dog healthy - from diet & nutrition to spay neuter facilities.  

  AREA HIKING GROUPS: A list of hiking groups in Texas that our members will enjoy browsing!   

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